1951, St. Justin Parish Founded

Monsignor Ronald Mentasti founded St. Justin Parish in 1951 with a full parish campus in mind. The first church was actually a stable on the corner of Scott Boulevard and Homestead Road where masses were held every Sunday.

1955, the first church building on the present site was erected

The remaining parish buildings were completed in 1956.

1958, Archbishop Mitty granted permission for the building of a school

Monsignor Mentasti began classes under the direction of the Dominican Missionary Sisters from Natal, South Africa. The school was formally dedicated on October 17, 1959, in a ceremony officiated by his Excellency, the Most Revered Merlin Gulfoyle.

1965, St. Justin School operated with eight full grades for the first time

St. Justin School held its first graduation in June 1966.

2019, St. Justin School celebrated it's 60th Anniversary