Preschool and Pre-K

This age group is working on developing their fine and gross motor skills, gaining independence, and developing their social skills through play.

Spiritual Development

  • to learn about God’s love for them
  • to develop natural curiosity and wonder about God and the world
  • to shape attitudes of love and respect for self and others
  • to learn prayer and songs

Social Development

  • to be responsible for behavior, classroom materials, and school routine
  • to learn how to share
  • to participate in group activities
  • to begin to develop relationships with others

Cognitive Development

  • to develop listening and speaking skills related to self-expression
  • to utilize play to order, generalize, and interpret experiences
  • to utilize thinking skills and process information
  • to begin to understand symbolic relationship between written and spoken forms of communication
  • to develop the basic math concept of number patterns
  • to be exposed to the concept of proceeding from concrete to the representational to the abstract

Physical Development

  • to utilize activities to develop gross motor skills
  • to utilize activities to develop fine motor skills
  • to employ these skills in cooperative outdoor play
  • to promote the development of coordination through specific activities
For More Information:

Shannon Barela
Preschool / Pre-K Director
408.248.1094 ext. 225