Living Our Faith

“Living Our Faith” inspires our community to educate the whole child in a Christ-centered environment that fosters spiritual growth, lifelong learning, and service to the local and global community.

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Prayer Services

The entire student body assembles in prayer for special occasions such as the International Day of Peace, our Advent Novena, and the May Crowning, which honors Our Blessed Mother, Mary. Parents, friends, and parishioners are encouraged to pray with us. If you have any special intentions for which you would like our school to pray, please stop by and inform the office or principal.

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Students in grades K through 8 attend Mass weekly with the parish community. Parents, friends, and parishioners are always invited to celebrate with us.

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Sacrament of Reconciliation

Reconciliation is planned at least once a year during Advent and/or Lent for students in grades 3-8.


First Reconciliation/First Eucharist (Second Grade)

Celebrating the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist for the first time is part of the second grade experience for most children. Children attending St. Justin School participate in the parish program, which is formulated as a community experience. The Director of Religious Education works with our second grade teacher and parents to prepare their children for fuller participation in the worship of our Church. First Reconciliation is celebrated during Advent. Celebration of First Eucharist takes place during the Easter season within Sunday liturgy.

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Community Ministry

St. Justin's Community Ministry is led by Mr. Joe Bauer and his team of selfless volunteers who work tirelessly to provide food and other necessities to the less fortunate. We are most fortunate to have this program on our campus as it allows us to make service to others a part of our daily lives. The school community is proud to help with this worthy cause.
St. Justin families consistently donate food to our Community Ministry program. Bins are conveniently placed in the church as well as in the school foyer. We also have a canned food drive every October in which students can earn tickets to our Halloween carnival for every can they donate.
Every December, students donate items such as socks, toiletries, jackets, sleeping bags/blankets, books, and games during our Advent Novena. These donations are, in turn, distributed to families in need through Community Ministry.
Students and their families assist in sorting, packing, and distributing food during the holidays. Every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, meals are provided to hundreds of needy families. In fact, just at Christmastime alone, over 800 families receive assistance from our Community Ministry program.
Monthly Outreach Dinners are sponsored by Community Ministry. These get-togethers provide a delicious meal followed by several entertaining rounds of BINGO for the senior citizens of our parish. These events are hosted by a different class every month.
Participating in the Community Ministry program reminds all of us that "it is in giving that we receive."

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Junior High Service Program

All students in grades 6-8 are expected to serve the community by participating in the Junior High Service Program. Opportunities to serve are available both at school (through Community Ministry, serving at the Fall Tea, assisting with Reading Club, etc.) as well as in the community at large (charities, creek/beach clean-ups, working with the elderly, etc). Sixth graders are expected to volunteer 5 hours during the school year, seventh graders are required to volunteer 10 hours, while eighth graders need to clock 15 hours over the course of the year. In May, students write a reflection and prepare a presentation detailing their experience.
Serving the community is just one way students at St. Justin School live their faith.

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Here is always singing new songs and expressing new ideas he learned at school.
St. Justin School
Here is always singing new songs and expressing new ideas he learned at school.
St. Justin School