Tuition and Fees

2020-2021 Tuition

Grade specific fees:
5th Grade Students: A $50 fee will be added for Safety Patrol Uniforms and a Bible.
6th Grade Students: A $350 Science Camp fee will be added.
8th Grade Students: A $300 graduation fee will be added.

Sports and Club Fees:
There are additional fees for uniforms, sports fees and club fees. These costs vary depending on the programs in which your student participates.

Other Discounts:
Students in Pre-Kindergarten program pay tuition at the one-student rate (i.e. these programs are not eligible for a family discount). However, students in grades K through 8th do qualify for family discount if they have a full-time (5 days a week) sibling in Pre-K.

Families with more than three students at St. Justin School (K-8) may be eligible for a further discount.

Late enrollment:
For families enrolling after July 1st, the ten-payment plan will not be available. For these families, prorated tuition will be divided among the remaining billable months. (i.e. When enrolling December 1st, the tuition (December 1st to the end of the school year) will be billed December to April.)

Financial Assistance

Applications for financial assistance are available in the office beginning in January. If you plan on applying for financial assistance, you need apply via FACTS Management, Grant & Aid, which handles all aspects of the financial aid application and verification process. Your completed application, along with the required documents, need to be received at FACTS by February. This requirement applies to all financial assistance applicants. Applications are available at

The Basic Fund provides scholarships for low income families. Please visit for more information.